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As creators, we know that you have a million new ideas every day. It’s the joy of being you and being alive!

So what does it take to actualize all of your creations and get them into the world? A little brilliance.

Maggie Emerson is the wonder behind Brilliance Technology Solutions. She is an adventurer, a mama, an entrepreneur, and creates systems and technology for small businesses in between hiking the peaks of Colorado.

Brilliance offers as much or as little consulting and guidance as you need, and it all starts with a one-on-one consultation with Maggie herself to determine exactly what you desire and require.

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What did you come here to create?


Maggie is absolutely BRILLIANT with bringing your business dreams to life! She’s great at figuring out what you need to make your business more efficient and doing all that tech stuff I would spend forever doing so I can focus on the stuff I’m great at.
— Kate K
The best part is your excitement for what we are creating together
— client

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